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Hi loves!!
I'm back! I missed you all so very much❤️ It's officially been ONE year since I started my YouTube journey, and It's been so so amazing! Getting to grow every week and be a part of your guys' life has been one of my best life experiences so far! I have an explanation as to why I had to step away from YouTube for a few weeks🙈 A LOT has been going on and I'm so excited to share, in a vlog coming next week! Ok, now back to now😍 I covered "The Middle" by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey. This song is so cute and it makes me dance every time I hear it, which is how I knew I needed to cover it! Rob, my producer, and I love to truly put our on spin on things. He's so talented, he doesn't even know the songs I show him! He has me sing a capella and from there, he uses what he hears. It's such a cool process to be a part of, I feel so blessed to work with someone so genuine and hard working! Fun fact: Jeremy (videographer) had to use my camera this week because his is in the shop! We used a sony a6000 and it was so awesome to see him do his thing with something he normally doesn't use. It's all about painter, not the paints!! He nailed it as usual!
What are you guys listening to right now? Help me out with a cover for next week!!! Hope you all have an amazing weekend, love love love YOU!

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