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If you remember of pop boy band New Kids on the Block, then you definitely know Donnie Wahlberg. His passion for music and rapping began after parent’s divorce and at 15. Together with the group, he released four extremely successful albums and left as he always dreamt of reaching higher aims. And so, he moved to the Hollywood, where his career as an actor skyrocketed very quickly. Nowadays, he is a musician, TV show star, record producer, moviemaker and an actor who was featured in such hit films as Saw, The Sixth Sense, Dreamcatcher, Blue Bloods and so many others. In simple words, he is another talent in the Wahlberg dynasty.

The actor’s father, Donald Edmond. had two jobs to feed the family. He was a delivery driver as well as an insurance worker. He passed away in 2008, aged 77.

The mother, Alma had a quite hard time raising nine kids and working as a bank teller. Later she changed the job and became a nurse. However, financially tough life never stopped her smiling and being a fun-loving mom for the children. Nowadays, she is a hostess in Donnie’s restaurant.

The celebrity has 8 blood siblings.

Deborah was born in 1960 and she lived a simple and calm life. She passed away in 2003, at the age of just 43 while being treated for kidney stones.

Another sister, Michelle was delivered in 1962 and like the rest of the sisters, she lives a private life far from the media limelight. It is also known that she works as a waitress.

In 1963, a brother Arthur was welcomed. He started making his first money as a carpenter but quickly understood that it is not his cup of tea and switched to acting.

One more brother Paul joined the family in 1964. He is also a professional chef that established a restaurant called The Walhbergs with Mark and Donnie. Additionally, he has his own restaurant Alma Nove.

The third brother, James was born in 1965. He is not interested in the show business but is involved in a family business and is an executive director of a charity outfit.

Tracey is a sister who was born in 1967. She lives a secretive life but it is known that she is married and is a mother to three kids.

That same year, the family welcomed Robert. He is an actor but also works at a power company. He is married but we don’t know whether he has children.

One more brother is Mark who was delivered in 1971. He is the youngest child in Wahlberg’s family but is not less popular as Donnie. At first he was a member of a group with Donald. Then he founded his own rap crew. Nowadays, he is an actor who can be seen in Transformers, The Fighter, etc.

There are also three half-siblings from the father’s previous marriage.

Donna is a half-sister, who lives of the spotlight. She is a mother to two kids and is married.

A half-brother Buddy passed away in 2008. Unfortunately, nothing is known about his life.

Scott is a member of a band, who is married and lives happily in Boston.

Donnie was married twice with Kim Fey becoming his first spouse in 1999. Kim was working with Mark and that’s how she got to know Donnie. The two love birds started dating in 1991 and tied the knot officially only after 8 years. They had been together till 2010 when they filed for a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. It later became known that an actor cheated on Fey.

Since 2014 and up till present moment, the TV star has been married to Jenny McCarthy. She is known due to her interests and jobs in many spheres of life starting from being a model in a Playboy and finishing with an anti-vaccine advocate. They met on a radio show, where she worked and the chemistry immediately sparked between the two.

From the first marriage, Wahlberg has 2 kids.

Xavier Alexander was born in 1993. He had been keeping his life very private for a long time. In 2008, it became known that he is a member of a metal band. The dad even wanted to help financially but Xavier refused.

The second son named Elijah Hendrix was delivered in 2001. His life is also kept private. We only know that he lives with a mother now.

In a marriage with McCarthy, there is a step-son Evan, who has autism.

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