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uhm hi?? is anyone still checking this dead channel? :c i miss editing so much... i miss this community and i miss you all! thank you for 23K subs!! I'm so sorry i been feeding you air again..

I'm officially a grad student now~ done some huge Tunisian army project for my boys' anniversary(u can check it on my insta), started summer vacay and i finally got my hands on editing again.

This edit was supposed to be for HopeWorld along with another one but i, ofc neglected editing to focus on my studies :c...

What has pushed me to finish this edit was when the fandom got into some lowkey mess, was bout hoseok n antis i guess?? so yea i came in to feed y'all some more jung hoseok content coz we all can never have enough right?

AS FOR THE ACTUAL EDIT! I FUKIN HATE YOU AFTER EFFECTS!! TOOK ME 3 DAYS TO FIGURE OUT A WAY ON HOW TO RENDER THIS TRASH AND ALMOST GAVE UP ON IT!!!! im sorry there are so many mistakes n glitches here and there excuse my noob ass on AE... i still cant find my touch yet ofc like?! im just still experimenting with this prog and i cant even do anything w/o needing 4657687 tutorial tabs opened lmao.. but yea anyways, it was a fun experience trying a 30s+ edit.

i'm so happy i'm uploading again~
please do spread the video~ share with your friends~ feedbacks r much appreciated too hehe

SONG : See Me Fall
ARTIST : Ro Ransom
PROGRAM : After Effects cc 2017

twitter: https://twitter.com/dearvmon
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dearvmon/

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This video was posted on 11 July 2018, Wednesday by Dear VMON in the en language. Watching online to Jung Hoseok 「See Me Fall」 is free and does not require registration...

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