Toy Story Theory꞉ Who Was Woody's Original Owner?

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Perhaps the greatest mystery surrounding the Toy Story franchise is who owned Woody before Andy? Subscribe to our channel:

The Toy Story franchise has brought on numerous theories and mysteries over the years. Fans of the show have dissected scenes, analyzed content, and come up with conclusions to all types of questions. One question still remains: who was Woody’s original owner? We know now that Bonnie has owned Woody and he spent years and years with Andy, but who was the person that gave Woody to Andy?
In this video we dive deep into the facts, rumors, and clues into Woody’s original owner. Some basic math can help us determine when Woody was originally released and how he grew in popularity over the years. We are also able to debunk an extremely popular theory involving Andy, his dad, and polio. It’s really thanks to a little extra backstory in Toy Story 2 where we learn about Woody’s true origins and get more clues on his detailed history. The family yard sale in the beginning of Toy Story 2 gives big clues as to where Woody came from and his true relationship with Andy’s mother. This may also involve details surrounding Jessie’s owner, trauma Woody has gone through, and reasons he is so dedicated to Andy. Knowing his long history has helped shape Woody into the leader he is known to be. Watch to learn about Woody and discover things you may have never known about the Toy Story franchise. Do you agree? Do you have your own theory? Let us know in the comments and let the debate begin!

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