Freya Ridings - Lost Without You (Will Atkinson Remix)

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I’ve met Keaton a handful of times over at Lush Nightclub in Northern Ireland. Front and centre usually, giving it yaldi.
Recently, I was shocked and saddened to learn Keaton’s soul mate, Mairead, tragically passed away. I just can’t begin to imagine how it must feel to all of a sudden lose part of you, someone you begin to build a life with, an inseparable bond. To have that suddenly taken away, I simply can’t begin to understand what it’s like, especially at this time of year.
I messaged him to express my deepest sympathies and asked if there was anything I could do. Keaton explained that "Freya Ridings - Lost Without You" held a special place in his heart. He recently made up a video of their memories together and used this as the soundtrack. He asked, on the off chance if I would have the time to do a remix, to help motivate him and get him back to the gym with his personal training.
I know music, especially Trance, has the power to heal the soul, it can lift us up, literally turn your day around. It has the power to make us cope. I’m fortunate enough to have a unique ability to create this music and if that can lead to helping someone who’s going through harder times & maybe put a smile on their face, it’s a no brainer.
I just couldn’t say no to remixing this, it’s quite a sad record, so I wanted to transform the energy into happiness, it’s a celebration.
I’m dedicating this to Keaton and Mairead and with Keaton’s permission, sharing this with you all.
I also hope this will raise awareness to anyone struggling with mental health, it’s still such a grey area, it needs to be talked about and understood more.

If you suspect you or someone you know could be suffering from any form of mental health issue I encourage you to seek help, here are two reliable websites you could find helpful:

Keaton - I hope I did this justice for you mate and I look forward to sharing this moment with you when I play this on New Years Eve at Lush!

Big Love x

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