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High Hopes · Panic! At The Disco

Pray for the Wicked

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Masterer: Amber Jones
Drums, Piano: Brendon Urie
Lead Vocals: Brendon Urie
Background Vocals: Brendon Urie
Viola: Brian Dembow
Violin: Bruce Dukov
Viola: Bruce White
Cello: Caroline Dale
Violin: Cathy Thompson
Violin: Charlie Bisharat
Masterer: Chris Allgood
Mixer: Claudius Mittendorfer
Programmer: Cook Classics
Masterer: Emily Lazar
Violin: Emlyn Singleton
Cello: Eric Byers
Violin: Helen Nightengale
Background Vocals: Ilsey Juber
Violin: Jackie Hartley
Cello: Jacob Braun
Bass, Guitar, Producer: Jake Sinclair
Background Vocals: Jake Sinclair
Saxophone: Jason Fabus
Masterer: Jason Moser
Violin: Jessica Guideri
Producer: Jonas Jeberg
Trumpet: Jonathan Bradley
Producer, Programmer: Jonny Coffer
Violin: Julie Gigante
Violin: Katia Popov
Guitar: Kenneth Harris
Background Vocals: Kenneth Harris
Violin: Lisa Liu
Violin: Maya Magub
Trumpet: Mike Rocha
Saxophone: Morgan Jones
Violin: Peter Hanson
Viola: Peter Lale
Saxophone: Peter Slocombe
Masterer: Rachel White
Violin: Rita Manning
Conductor: Rob Mathes
Viola: Robert Brophy
Engineer: Rouble Kapoor
Trombone: Ryan Dragon
Masterer: Sacha Bambadji
Violin: Serena McKinney
Viola: Shawn Mann
Cello: Steve Erdody
Engineer: Suzy Shinn
Background Vocals: Suzy Shinn
Violin: Tereza Stanislav
Violin: Thomas Bowes
Cello: Tim Gill
Violin: Tom Pigott-Smith
Violin: Warren Zielinski
Viola: Zach Dellinger
Writer: Brendon Urie
Writer: Ilsey Juber
Writer: Jake Sinclair
Writer: Jenny Owen Youngs
Writer: Jonas Jeberg
Writer: Lauren Pritchard
Arranger: Rob Mathes
Writer: Sam Hollander
Writer: Tayla Parx
Writer: William Lobbin Bean

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